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Shelf system SU5

The Shelf System SU5 is a modern system of building blocks. Thanks to its parameters, technical and aesthetic qualities, it belongs to the kind of shop equipment that survives all trends.

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Skeleton shelf system SU5

It is a modern kit system that stems from the Shelf system SU5 and widens its opportunities in order to reach the highest possible weight load of individual modules.

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Sales counters SU5, glass showcases

All the modules are made of modern materials. The sales counters are based on a skeleton made of steel sections (it is possible to choose the colour).

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Checkout counters

Mechanical checkouts with moving straps are perfect for all medium size and large shops, where they enable cashiers to service customers faster and without delays.

OZAP - sales equipment for all interiors

OZT – OBCHODNÍ ZAŘÍZENÍ TOUŽIM inc. manufactures kit equipment and individual pieces of equipment for commercial purposes and for shops under businesses named OZAP. Development and production of all components aim for the highest utility possible, long serviceable life and modern design. Top quality technological facilities, original design of the individual pieces and quality monitoring system enable to manufacture the products with precision that ensures easy assembly. All products in our selection are compatible with modern systems all around the world.

Our company keeps developing. We follow and put the latest trends in technology to use. All our endeavor is focused on the customer. Our customers are companies from the Czech Republic, the European Union and Russia.